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Student Supply Lists

Dear Dunham Parents,

This year we are asking every student to come to school with some basic supplies that they will use in their class.

Many stores are having great sales for school supplies right now and, while it is not mandatory that you purchase these items, we hope that you will keep this list handy as you do your back-to-school shopping.

Also, if your family is in the position to purchase a second set for another student in your child’s class, we would very much appreciate your help.

Thank you!


2 Boxes of Kleenex

1 Bottle of Antibacterial foaming soap pump

2 Containers of disinfecting wipes

4 Elmer’s purple glue sticks (.24oz)

1 Box of gallon sized ziploc bags

Download this list by clicking here.

1 Box of Kleenex

2 Containers Clorox Wipes

1 Bottle of Glue

1 Set watercolor paint (8 count)

1 Black low odor whiteboard (dry erase) markers

2 Glue sticks (.74 ounce size)

2 Homework folders, your choice of color/style

1 Bottle Hand Sanitizer (with pump)

Download this list by clicking here.

1 Box of Kleenex

1 Container Greenworks cleaning wipes or “baby” wipes

1 Pocket Folder (any design, to be used for homework)

$15.00 cash donation – (for class projects)

Download this list by clicking here.

We will be placing the supplies in class baskets to be shared by all, so no names, please. (Except for folders & pencil boxes).

2 Pocket Portfolios (folders) with any design your child likes (these are the most important of all supplies.  1 folder is a “take-home folder” and one is a “homework” folder.)

1 Pencil Box (this is very important, as we will use it for math supplies)

3 Glue Sticks

8 color set of Markers (Classic colors)

1 Box of 16 Color set of Crayons

1 set of watercolor paints

3 Boxes of tissues

1 Box of Band-Aids

1 Spiral bound notebook/composition book

1 Headphones or Earbuds

Download this list by clicking here.

Students in 3rd grade do not need binders in class. Please do not purchase them for use at school.

1 dozen Ticonderoga #2 Pencils

1 Colored Pocket Portfolio (folder)

1 Pocket Portfolio, any picture, for homework folder

Wide Ruled Composition Books or Notebooks

1 package wide ruled notebook paper

8 Black Low Odor, Whiteboard Markers, dry erase

1 8 color set of Crayola Markers

1 box – 16 Color set of Crayons

1 box Crayola colored pencils, Box of 24

1 8 color set of watercolor paints

1 Reusable, no-leak, Water Bottle**

1 or 2 package baby wipes

1 Headphones or earbuds**

**Please only label these items with child’s name.

Download this list by clicking here.

Wide Ruled spiral notebooks

1 pack twistable colored pencils

1 box of markers

1 4-pack skinny low odor dry erase markers

1 yellow highlighter

1 Dozen Ticonderoga #2 pencils

1 box of Kleenex OR 1 container of Clorox wipes

1 8 color set of watercolors (paints)

1 Folder for homework (labeled with name)

1 headphones or earbuds (labeled with name)

1 reusable water bottle (labeled with name)

Please do not put your child’s name on supplies (unless noted) since many will be shared among all students. Thank you.

Download this list by clicking here.

1 dozen #2 Pencils

1 pkg. Colored Highlighters

1 refillable water bottle

8 dry Erase Board Markers

1 headphones or Earbuds

1 2-inch Binder

1 pkg. 5-pocket Dividers

1 5-pack Assorted Sharpies

Download this list by clicking here.

1 Pencil box or pouch

1 dozen pencils

2+ large glue sticks

1 pkg. colored highlighters

1 3″ binder

1 binder pocket dividers, 5 dividers

3 5-subject notebooks (one per trimester)

1 box colored markers

1 hard sided refillable water bottle – labeled w/name

1 headphones or earbuds

1 12-pack assorted colored sharpies

Download this list by clicking here.