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PTO – Officer Positions


We are currently looking to fill the following PTO Officer positions. Feel free to nominate yourself or other parent. We are currently accepting nominations until April 6th Voting will be on April 10, 2018. Forms can be found in the school office or click here [Please add link to nomination form] to download.

PTO President: –
a. Preside at all meetings of the organization and the executive board.
b. Be a member ex-officio of all committees.
c. Perform such duties as may be prescribed by these bylaws or assigned by the organization or the executive board.
d. Coordinate the work of the officers and committees, in order that the objectives may be promoted.
e. Be accompanied by at least one other officer in conducting or attending meetings with the school board administrative staff or board of education, or with any group outside of the Dunham School

Must be organized & have an agenda at each meeting.

Vice President: – VP shall act as an aide to the President and shall in their designated order perform the duties of the President in the inability of that officer to serve & may be assigned other duties by the President.

PTO Secretary –
Keep an accurate record at all meetings of the organization and the executive board.

Keep on file a copy of the current by-laws. This information is to be kept in a permanent record book that is to be in custody of the current secretary.
Conduct the correspondence delegated & file correspondence received.

Parliamentarian –

Assists the president to manage meetings and advises on parliamentary procedure

Chairs bylaws committee to review unit bylaws each year and revise bylaws every three years

Arranges nominating committee’s first meeting, providing information on nomination and election process

Historian –

Captures, assembles and preserves record of activities and achievements of a PTA

Collects volunteer hours for PTA meetings and events

Completes and submits the PTA Unit-Annual Historian Report to council/district PTA

Fills out Historian Summary Report and files copies as Historian records, like minutes are kept forever

Copies for minutes, procedure book and, if applicable, president’s memory book

Displays or presents brief overview of PTA year at meeting near the end of the school year


Audit the books and financial records of the association semiannually or as additionally specified in the bylaws.

Prepare a midyear and year-end audit in the months stipulated in the bylaws.

Prepare and present written reports to the executive board in the months stipulated in the bylaws.

Prepare and present written reports for adoption by the association in the months stipulated in the bylaws.

The outgoing auditor is responsible for conducting the audit at the end of the term of office. California State PTA recommends that if the audit is not completed within two (2) weeks after the completion of the term of office, the president may appoint a committee to immediately audit the books. The same time frame must be followed for the semiannual audit.

Audit the books upon resignation of the treasurer, financial secretary or any check signer, or at any time deemed necessary.

Review monthly bank statement. (This duty may be assigned to any other non-check signing officer.)

Work with the treasurer to understand the record-keeping system.