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Volunteer Opportunities

We are currently looking for volunteers for the following events. If you are able to volunteer for any of these events please email us at DunhamPTO@gmail.com. You can also visit our Shutterfly Page for easy Sign-up and Events Information at https://dunhampto.shutterfly.com/

Pasta Feed: Saturday April 14, 2018 – Chairs Rachelle Ernst Mons

· Bakers
· Decoration Committee
· Set-up Crew
· Pre-event Ticket Sales (Usually in front of the school at pick-up)

2018 End of Year Carnival: Thursday May 31, 2018 – Chair Lindsey Goodwin

· Set- up crew (Starts right after drop-off)

Back to School Bingo: Chair (VOLUNTEER NEEDED) Date: TBD

Oktoberfest: Friday October 2018 – Chair (VOLUNTEER NEEDED)

· Set-up
· Support Crew – 3 people needed.

2018 Walk-a-Thon: Friday October 5, 2018 – Chair Trisha Hubacker:

· Class Photographer & Assistant
· Administrative help
· Bake Sale Coordinator & Bakers
· Music
· Sponsorship/ Prize Coordinator
· Decorations (This does not include class table decorations)

2019 Crab Feed: Saturday January, 2019 Chair (VOLUNTEER NEEDED) Advisor is Dustin King

· Auction Item Coordinators
· Set-up Crew
· Kitchen